Police, Government And Homelessness

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My dad has served as a police officer for over three decades in two municipalities within Miami. He has worked for both the City of Miami and the City of South Miami, holding different positions through the years such as officer, detective, and sergeant. When I was little, I never really explored outside the bubble that was my upper-middle class life.

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It’s not like I would’ve been allowed to anyways, but once I grew up, I was allowed to venture out a bit by visiting my dad when he was working to see first-hand what he did, and how the other half lived because he did work in the lower-class neighborhoods of Miami. It broke the stereotypes I had built since I was little about who a homeless person was.

A homeless person is an individual without permanent housing who may live on the streets, stay in a shelter, mission, single room occupancy facilities, abandoned buildings or vehicles (National Health Care for the Homeless Council). I hear the stories they are willing to share about how they grew up and what lead them to their current situation which allowed me to understand that no one deserves the disgusted stares from passers-by that refuse to hear their voice. People gain their views of homelessness on assumptions and lack of knowledge that could only change if we speak of the topic and paint a more positive image. The homeless don’t want to go from shelter to shelter not knowing if they’ll have a bed to sleep on at night. They don’t like having to beg on the street trying to get enough money for their next meal, who would? Coming to Florida State I already had prior knowledge of how the homeless are helped in Miami financially, but here I’ll examine the funding of shelters in Leon County and the allocation of its funds for the homeless so that lawmakers can understand how easy they can bring attention to homelessness and why it should be fixed. It’s important because this can happen to everyone even oneself.

This study examines the funding of shelters, and the allocation of funds for the homeless. The Florida Council on Homelessness created a statistical report that showed how in recent years there has been a decrease in the amount of people who have absolutely no where to live yet there’s been an increase in the amount of homeless people that have resorted to coach surfing between family and friends (Nasworth 2). It opened my eyes to the fact that we as citizens do not have a right to a roof over heads but can get arrested for sleeping on the side of the road when shelter isn’t possible. So, if a steady income isn’t possible and a place to sleep isn’t either then how can someone remove themselves from this situation?

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