Police Brutality Ordinances

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The African American citizens located in a South Los Angeles neighborhood began to riot on April 29, 1992. This uproar began because of a violent action against an African American taxi driver, Rodney King, in 1991. Since then, many cases of police brutality have sparked disputes nationwide. Because of these quarrels, there should be stricter regulations on how to deal with police brutality cases.

Trials meant to deal with police brutality cases have not always been handled equitably for everyone involved. When police are taken to a trial, prosecutors have full conduct of how it is handled. Prosecutors often entrust the situation to the police departments, which also leaves the punishments to be decided by the departments (Morrison). The departments don’t punish these police officers because of reputation. They are scared of losing trust in the people and the community. Prosecutors often choose to do nothing when a police officer is accused, wanting to prove that the police did nothing wrong in the abuse of a citizen. Some states in the U.S. are creating laws that require public trials when officers are involved in brutality cases.

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According to Caren Morrison, California’s approach, making prosecutors proceed by public preliminary hearing rather than by grand jury, should help protect against the most blatant forms of sabotage by prosecutors. She is explaining how California has required cases to go to a public hearing, so there is a smaller chance of sabotage from the prosecutor. Sabotage can show false information and influence how the suspect is treated. Most police are not penalized because there is no evidence involved. If these sabotages were terminated,

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