Police Brutality in Modern Media

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Police Brutality in the Media

Propaganda is built into the DNA of America. It is a rising epidemic that American journalist have repeatedly incorporated while releasing information to the public. Their actions are self-evident through profound issues such as Police Brutality, which have been misconstrued in such a way that diverts from the public’s original perspective.

As a result, the media is presented falsified information, that undermines the original truth. The pain of those affected by its dreadful oppression, have unknowingly adapted as a norm in society. It is no longer a grave issue when an African American man is shot in cold blood but seen as a causal antic. Through concrete analysis of the history of police brutality, the American society’s response has gradually altered over time. Corrupt law enforcers with soiled hands can walk freely due to the failing justice system, that citizens have no knowledge in. They lack knowledge because they are not receiving adequate information on the events are that taking place every day.

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Instead, they are receiving a biased, watered down form of the truth. This causes injustice to rise, and the justice system to turn a blind eye towards the citizens of this country. Despite controversial belief that propaganda has no effect on today’s society, an analysis of various articles concerning police brutality reveals
that in an attempt to convey a more authentic read, journalist have repeated the style of incorporating persuasive language along with emotional examples presented by influential sources to cover up underlined bias, which ultimately influences the public’s perception of violence in the hands of law enforcement.

The issue of police brutality serves as a controversial topic in which a clear majority of the American population understand the danger that police brutality has on Black-American lives and the progression of society. While, another portion of the American population continue to make excuses for the actions of police. This distinction is evident through the authors selected point of view when writing articles. Although the perception of bias relays the article, journalists continue the implication of rhetoric to cover it up. When writing, journalists attempt to create a subtle and clear stance in their argument however, steering away from making their writing highlight the obvious reason as to why their position was chosen. The CNN journalist, Michael Martinez, in the article, California Cop Placed on Leave in The Wake of Third Brutality Allegations, addresses the topic of
police brutality and argues that the rising levels of brutality from law enforcement is becoming an issue amongst society. It’s ironic that the examples used in this article were taken from a Hispanic-American just as the journalist in the article. Martinez presents all the faults in the actions of police by using reports from each of the investigation.

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