Police and Community Relations

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Police forces in world play a vital role in ensuring that law and order is maintained in the society. However, they face numerous challenges that hinder their performance. Despite their efforts to behave ethically as well as maintain a good image, people still perceive them as people who are knot friendly and kind.

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Therefore, the relationship between community members and the police remains to be complicated (Carter and Radelet, 2002). They involve in numerous disputes as a result of the attitude they have towards each other. On the other hand, police officers have also contributed to the negative perception in the society. At some point, police treat residents in unfriendly manner. That contributes widely to the complicated relationship between police and common citizens.

Factors Influencing Police-Community Relationship

The department of criminal justice in the united categorizes a number of variables that influence the police-community relationship. These factors include but not limited to media, crime, police misconduct as well as the history of police relations in the society. The information displayed by the media everyday regarding criminal offences paly part in determining how people relate with the police. In most cases, the media has broadcasted issues related to extra judicial killings in the society (Scott, 2002). Viewers of this information are residents who interact with the police officers in their daily operations. As a result, the perception created in the mind of people regarding soldiers is negative. At times, the media gets in to the details of how police officers conduct their duties and expose them to the society. The negatives witnessed in the media corrupt the mind of citizens making them to view security officers as people who are not human friendly.

High rate of crime on the other hand influences the relationship between common people and police officers. An increase in the rate of crime within the urban areas leads to people being jailed while others get killed in the process. It is forms a kind of antagonism between the police and citizens of the affected residents. During such situations, innocent people may find themselves having been incorporated in the crime scene (Scott, 2002). The perception such people develop has a negative effect on their relationship with the police. To add on that, high crime rates on the society may lead to limited freedom for residents as police try to restore peace and order. That means there have to be restrictions regarding time and the activities people may engage in. It becomes challenging for people to live in a restricted environment under the control of security officers. Therefore, people begin to see police as barriers towards enjoying their freedom. They develop a sense of hatred and fear towards the police, a character that is passed from one generation to the other.

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