Comparing Death In the two poems Comparing Death In the two poems “Death, Be Not Proud,” by John Donne and “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night,” by Dylan Thomas both deal with the issue of death, yet in different ways. The theme of each... [ view article ]

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The Raven vs. The First Snowfall The Raven vs. The First Snowfall During the time period of Romanticism, many great poets emerged. Two of the best poets during this time period included Edgar Allen Poe and James Russell Lowell. Throughout these poet’s lives, they suffered many... [ view article ]

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African American Humanities African American Humanities Introduction American literature drew much of its influence from their culture and history. For instance, the African American literature that is, short stories, poems and novels talk much about the Africans Americans’ culture, social inequality, slavery, racism,... [ view article ]


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