Poaching is Savage and Not in a Good Way

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Did you know that currently, rhino horn can sell for more than gold?  Rhino horn is sold most often as a result of poaching.  Poaching is not beneficial to anyone.  If you value animal life, then you will be against poaching.  Poaching should be banned because it is not only cruel, but it also damages our economy.

Before you take a side on poaching, you need to be informed.  Dictionary.com states that poaching is the illegal practice of trespassing on another’s property to hunt or steal game without the landowners permission.  Animals that are poached commonly are elephants, rhinos, and many other African animals. Poaching has been going on for a while, but a recent surge in wildlife trade is threatening to undo years of conservation.  The reason for this, as stated by One Green Planet, is that poaching can affect local communities, the environment, and animals in the area.  This means that this surge will not only un-do conservation gains, but it will also affect many other factors in the area.  The World Wildlife Fund or WWF states that “not all wildlife trade is illegal”.  They explain that it turns into poaching when it is indeed threatening the survival of these species.  You must also have a permit to authorize you or you are technically poaching. If poaching continues, it will continue to undo conservation gains.

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Poaching affects many things including the local communities.  Furthermore, One Green Planet mentions that if you have a community that relies on its wildlife to attract tourists, then their economy will suffer if the poaching rate is high.  Simply, if the wildlife is gone, so is their tourist business, which definitely has a significant impact.  This is one of the reasons that there are so many people living in poverty in Africa.  Furthermore, One Green Planet claims that when there are fewer animals, it causes people to boycott locations, which causes other attractions to suffer.  When you do not have your main attraction, no one comes in the first place.  When tourists do not come at all, the other attractions, aside from the wildlife business, suffer as well.  Economies and communities are impacted more than you might think.

One of the most obvious aspects that poaching has an effect on is animal life.  One Green Planet suggests that the biggest threat to these animals is extinction.  The western black rhino was proved to be extinct due to poaching.  Many other animals are critically endangered, such as the standard black rhino, vulnerable, like zebras, or extinct, like the western black rhino, due to poaching.  The World Wildlife Foundation claims that often, poachers accidentally kill a whole other species then intended.  For example, they could be trying to kill a rhino, but accidentally kill a bird or another animal instead. 

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