Planning Strategic Human Resourse And Management Polices Business Essay

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Planning Strategic Human Resource (SHR) is a part of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and planning SHR policies is an important aspect to be considered in every organization. Effective planning of human resource (HR) policies will lead an organization to work effectively and also improves productivity. Apart from this human resource strategies play an important role in achieving organizational objectives and goals.

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Apart from achieving organizational objectives, a good HR strategy also supports specific strategic objectives of operational, financial, marketing and technology departments. In the following sections we will discuss in detail the HR strategies and how they affect the school districts structure and changes, importance of SHR planning, SHRM approaches and how education councils formulate or plan SHR decisions and choices and the challenges of SHR planning process in detail.

Human Resource Strategies

For school districts to improve in the market place or to gain competitive advantage, changes in the HR strategy is a must and it is believed that changes in the HR policies and practices show a wider impact on the school’s environment and some of which could be Changes in the overall employment marketplace such as pay levels, demographics etc. Cultural changes – These changes could affect the future processes of recruitment or employment Changes in employee relations environment Changes in the work practices – These changes could be due to the HR practices followed in other organizations or develop new work practices. Effective planning and designing HR policies and practices will maximize the company’s likelihood of success considering this HR strategy should aim at effective people management through which organization is aiming at achieving long and short term . Based on this contradiction HR should ensure that It has the right people in the right place – right job assigned to the right or eligible person. It has the right mix of skills – eligible persons should have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the work properly Employees show good attitudes and behavior – Organizations should ensure that employees behavior is right and have a good attitude towards work and organization. Employees developed in a right way – school districts HR should ensure that proper training, coaching etc are provided to the employees so as to improve their skill in the related job.

Importance of Strategic Human Resource Planning

“Integrating human resource management strategies and systems to achieve the overall mission, strategies, and success of the firm while meeting the needs of employees and other stakeholders”-

Before discussing the strategic HR policies and practices first let us see the importance of strategic HR planning. Strategic planning help school districts to work more effectively and efficiently by Setting the strategic direction –

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