Planning and producing a game

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The Theme…. The theme of my game is Mystery The Genre…. Genre of my game is

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  • Murder/Mystery
  • Memory
  • Time based
  • Deduction

Pilot Study….

  • Feasibility..

This game was very much feasible in the type of environment I have selected. As the game is constructed on a vertical board, the space requirements reduced very much and availability increased.

  • Time..

Time consumed only on making stories for the game otherwise the assets were easy to fine and execution was even less time consuming.

  • Cost

Cost can be considered negligible. Only Printing costs.

  • Adverse Events..

None Yet. As I am going a little out of mainstream life sized board games, some adverse events was expected but didn’t have any yet.

  • Effective Size..

As it’s a Vertical board, The size should be average so that a wide range of target audience can play. ONE PAGE GDD Why this Game? Well apart from the most reviews, this was my first idea which was kind of unique, at least with respect to my other ideas and executable also… GENRE Memory Deduction Murder/Mystery How it is different? Most of the board games especially LIFE SIZE board games are executed on ground but this game is executed on an actual board and this game not only tests your memory but also forces your mind to brainstorm… this game includes visualization and deduction too. Target Audience This Game is targeted for age group 12+ and the story varies according to age group. Re-Playability Well most of the reviews said that re-playability could be an issue so I gave a thought and presented the idea that this game will feature many stories so every time it will be new to an individual and if launched in market, then story packs will be available too and will be updated time to time which will make this project profitable too. How is fun and engaging? Well the name itself makes player curious and then the game is of genre “MYSTRY” which is enough to keep a player engaged throughout the game and fun part is.. every time a new story and difficulty level could be anything according to the player. Market Potential Its tricky but carries a huge potential if pitched in market correctly… If pitched correctly,

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