Plague Information and Facts

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The Black Death was a wide plague that resulted in a major population drop in Europe during the fourteenth century. It was a very contagious disease that made a huge impact in the deaths of 33-60 percent of Europe’s population. The plague would start by a person receiving a lump that looks like a black ball made up of dead cells that make the skin turn black and if not treated right away, this would result in a very traumatic death.

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The transition into the black death plague resulted in the people thinking religion was being retaliated against them, the disruption among various classes, and along with the mortality of lives being lost, this is what made the Black Death one of the most historic times of the century.

Back in the Middle Ages, being Christian and going to church was huge part in European’s lives. Christianity gave them peace at mind and understanding of their day to day life. This mentality then changed during 1347. When the deaths of many people were being affected by the plague, Europeans went to priests for answers to why God had been punishing his people and not saving them. This devastation resulted in many of Europeans to lose faith in Christianity and to its leadership in church. The church was their home of peace and tranquility from the outside world and this plague had taken its toll on the people, just as much as the church. The black death plague had made people look at the churches for a response to why this was happening and for hope that the faith of God would fix this. When more deaths were piling up they then looked towards Christianity as to blame for this happening. The Christian people couldn’t even defend what was going on or have a reasoning behind it. This left Christian religion to be abandoned due to how many people lost faith. The Jews had always had a civil stance with the Europeans until a major movement happened when the Europeans fought towards the Jews in the idea that they were the ones to spread this plague. These actions made by the Europeans all came from the church losing its influence over their people.

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