Pilot project

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Proposed methodology

In order to give adequate answers to the main research question of this thesis, the following methodological framework was used: formulation of the key questions, answering of the key questions based on research, review and analysis of the literature.

In the center of this doctoral research is the question:

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“Do multinational companies have a positive contribution to Serbia’s socio-economic development and overall economic growth?”

Following questions were formulated with their main objective to answer the research question:

  1. What types of MNEs are currently operating in Serbia?
  2. Do MNEs contribute to the employment increase of the local staff in Serbia?
  3. Do MNEs improve managerial and entrepreneurial techniques and strategy of managers in Serbia?
  4. In which way are MNEs introducing new business logics and pragmatism in the Serbian environment?
  5. Which variables are influencing the success of MNEs operating in Serbia?

The research process was based on the adopted methodology, which meant in practice that analytical qualitative and descriptive method was applied.

In fact, the methodology of “case study” will be done for each of three multinational companies that located their activities in the Republic of Serbia – having in mind that each company covers a different field of business.

According to the exposed main objectives and the methodological framework of this doctoral research, the first case study was done with Holcim Srbija A.D. The research on this company was conducted by studying the original basic documentation, other relevant printed materials, interviews, revision of the information from the company’s website and the analysis of activities of the company published in specialized reviews.

The most important part of this research process was the realization of interviews that according this methodology had been conducted by using open-ended questionnaires. The questionnaires were formulated for five members of the company on different position -that were interviewed. In fact, the objective was to interview the top-management level (one representative) and the other four, which were representing middle management of the company.

The open-ended questionnaire was constructed in a way to tackle several areas of company’s activities: motivation issues, strategy issues, company’s success and constraints, contributions of the company to different departments and intercultural management issues.

The research focused on the interview of five persons who gave answers concerning the following departments:

  1. Marketing
  2. Human resource
  3. Safety and health
  4. Environmental protection
  5. Technology
  6. Infrastructure

At this stage, it is necessary to point out that the five interviewed persons have been extremely cooperative and helpful during the interviews, but it had been very difficult to schedule appointments with them due to their tight daily schedules.

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