PICOT Statement Research on Sepsis

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Sepsis is a severe, life-threatening complication of infection. It happens when infections in a different area or the body, instead a wound, the GI tract, the GU tract, or wherever germs can grow in the body causes a patient to become very ill. There is sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock. Those are the three main ways sepsis can be classified. It all depends on what stage the inflammation was triggered that caused changes and damage to different organ systems, in turn causing organ failure. There are a few key points this writer will list below that helps to summarize sepsis, what it is, early detection, and how to treat it. The PICOT format will be as follows.

Evidence-Based Solution

With early detection of any infection, worsening of the disease can be stopped, or the progression slowed down. Studies have shown that with at least two of the following symptoms and a specific cause, it can fall under sepsis. A) The body temperature of 101 degrees F or below 96.8 degrees F. B) A high rate exceeding 90 beats/minute. C) Respirations of 20 breaths per minute or higher. Recognizing a decrease in urine output, an abrupt change in mental alertness, a decrease in platelet count, or difficulty breathing can all be key in the early treatment of severe sepsis. However, ruling out sepsis early in the patient’s hospital stay could nip the worsening of infection in the bud right away. Ruling out sepsis especially on pneumonia patients, abdominal infections, kidney infections, or bloodstream infections is vital early on inpatients visit to decrease the risk of worsening of sepsis upon the patient’s hospital stay (Tupchong, Koyfman & Foran, 2015).

Nursing Intervention

Since we are the eyes and ears of the patients, nurses play a huge role in the identification, treatment, and patient teaching in the care of the patient. It is just to name a few.

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