Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Law and Professional Ethics

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The discussion to make physician-assisted suicide legal has created mixed reactions among the US citizens. Despite its ethical prohibitions, some people continue to express their interest in the act. People have increasingly shown their concerns and fears regarding how their lives will end.

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Some people have voiced out their opinions on euthanasia, and surprisingly, a section of them continue to advocate for the legalization of the process. Others have expressed their disgrace in the debate surrounding legalization of the process as it is against the ethical code of living. As a result, the American College of Physicians (ACP), continue being attentive to all concerns raised by people. It makes sense that patients suffering from some terminal, painful illnesses and patients from tragic accident experience a lot of pain and some may prefer death to life. Cases of this type lead to a debate on whether physicians should be allowed to terminate life.

In a society where the laws of land give everyone a right to life, a discussion about whether people have the right to end their lives under whichever conditions have attracted divergent views among citizens. Although it is the wish of most people to live long and enjoy life, some life situations like excessive pain after an accident or a long severing resulting from terminal diseases may make life unbearable forcing some people to prefer death to life. As a result, most Americans are concerned whether on whether dying patients have the right to acquire assistance from a physician (Emanuel et al. 78)

The debate has drawn its fair share of critics as against work ethics for the physicians and patients who subscribe to the belief that one has the right to die peacefully should have their concerns addressed (Battin and Margaret P 67). However, before the rights of such citizens are treated, difficulties posed the procedure should be discussed. For instance, it has proven quite hard to control euthanasia. Whatever the case, the decision to grant terminally ill patients the right to euthanasia should be considered. Patients autonomy should be respected, and the argument that is aiding patientr’s sickness is in line with the role of a physician to relieve pain and suffering in ailing people.

It is argued that allowing physicians aide in the death of a pertinent is a breach of their ethical traditions. Although it is quite understanding as the traditional physicians work ethics are centered in caring and protecting patients lives, the wish of the patient should be granted (Quill et al.

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