Physician-Assisted Suicide Not Ethical or Moral

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When you think about a topic with many opinions and views, Physician-Assisted Suicide comes to mind. Is Physician-Assisted Suicide, morally right? Physician-assisted suicide is a controversial topic in ethics. Many people are arguing if it ethical unethical.

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The reason for their argument is if a goat can be put down, why not human. Every life is important, no matter how critically ill it is. Instead of finding a way to terminate life faster, the government could channel the resource to something positive. If people are arguing whether the lives of these patients is important, the patients should also be questioned as well. Physician-assisted suicide will persuade the terminally ill patients to die faster because is less expensive and because they may lack self-confidence.

People that want physician-assisted suicide legalized, probably they never consider the consequences associated with the procedure. If assisted suicide was legal fifty years ago, we wouldn’t have some of the advancements in medicine that alleviate pain, diabetes, breathlessness, and other terminal illness today. As a result of improved medical advancement, today Some diseases that were terminal a few years ago are now treated. If we consider assisted suicide as the only solution, we might interrupt or even stop the discovery of effective treatments for those diseases that are now terminal. There would be a disregard for hope. There is no physician that has not come across a patient that was healed by divine intervention. The level of persuasion the patient would feel would be extensive. Families have many intent ways of persuading the patient to demand assisted suicide and alleviate them of the financial and social involvement even if their families are happy to take care of them. For many, this is just another way to terminate the guilt they feel, even if they don’t wish to die. The money which they incur from patients in obtaining medical and the hospital bills would stop.

Furthermore, physician-assisted suicide is not only illegal but also it is immoral and inhuman for physicians to implement. Any physician that does this immoral act has violated the ethics of their profession. A physician supposed to be an advocator and helper that helps save the lives of patients and not help end the patients’ lives. Also, such physician that does this, has violated Hippocratic Oath, which is the oath sworn by the doctors prior to receiving his license. The Oat states that “”, I will not give poison to anyone, though asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a plan?”. This means that no doctor should request or administer any lethal injection or medication to the patients. But unfortunately, today so many physicians do not go by the oath they took. According to statistics, 1 out of 5 doctors and nurses have supported the patient to terminate their life in America.

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