Physician Assisted Suicide in United States

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In our modern day of age, we have reached a notable number of medical accomplishments that assist in lengthening the lives of so many individuals. There is a revolution in the science of extending life. We have adopted innovations that can aid of life lengthening devices in the Medical institutions throughout the United States.

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For patients who have a realistic chance of enduring life challenges in relation to an illness or an accident, medical innovations are sciencer’s greatest gift to mankind. For the terminally ill, however, itr’s just a process of drawn out suffering. If you were suffering from an untreatable disease, you are suffering, and wasting away. Would you like the option to pass away on your own term, when you feel you are ready to go, and you have said all your goodbyes? Physician-assisted suicide is the voluntary termination of oner’s own life by taking lethal medication with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician. Another term for physician-assisted suicide is called active euthanasia. The US Supreme Court believes thatr’s banning physician assisted suicide does not violate your personal constitutional rights, when in fact it does (Physician-Assisted Suicide Fast Facts).

While physician-assisted suicide is considered immoral and inhumane, a person should have the right to choose when they want to die. If they are able to pass the stable mental and emotional state test, they should have the right, people have the constitutional right to make their own decision at all times, and Physician-assisted suicide is legal in some states but not others. In all of the states that physician assisted suicide is legal there is an end of life act in place.

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