Physical Structures And Symbols Business Essay

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When we come across into organizational culture, artifacts are the observable symbols and signs of it. It may be a very simple behavior that how their employees greet to their customer, how their employees are rewarded or punished in a positive way, or even the organization physical layout that actually represent their cultures. Artifacts are considered as a very important role out of the four methods of Changing/Strengthening Organizational Culture, because they potentially support the changes of an organization culture.

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Moreover, due to some of the artifacts are hard to be seen in a short period of time, so the new comers to the organizations who wants to learn from their cultures, might take up a long times to actually understand the organizational culture. Nevertheless, if the new employee is willing to spend some time on it, they could do observation to their workplace from time to time, and interact with the staff to get more information of what cultures within the organization would be. In other words, artifacts could be identifying through four categories, which are physical structures & symbols, organizational language, stories & legends, and rituals & ceremonies.

Physical Structures & Symbols

The past British prime minister, Winston Churchill said “We shape our buildings, thereafter, they shape us.” This is to remind us that the building structure of an organization reflects its cultures throughout a company’s building, designs of every employee workplaces, and some other workspaces for employees to interact and communicate with each others. For examples, in order to motivate employees of Google, Google has been always providing the most relaxing working environments to their employees, the Googlers. By doing this, Googlers might tend to talk more and come out with more creative ideas under the relaxing and luxury workplaces. After long hours of working, Googlers might wants to have a short break by visiting the massage room as reinforcement. Additionally, various type of snacks will be also provided at wherever workplace for them. As Google said that “they want their employee, Googlers to love coming to work every day, not just for works and projects during the working hours, but for the exclusive cultures and buildings structures that gives them the opportunity to outshine their ability and professional to the works.” It is also highly encouraged by Google that all the Googlers are recommend to be feel free to be themselves in the working environment, this has been carried out through their offices around the world. Moreover, most of the walls in the Google’s company are surfaced with magnetic whiteboard material. The reason that they built this is to allow their engineers to point down the idea at anytime and anyplace when they figured out the solutions to problems. Much of the company’s desk and chairs are flexible to be adjust,

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