Japanese Invasion of the Philippines The US-Philippines Joint Front Joint warfare is an operative strategy in which combined service branches of the armed forces of a state or more act as a unified front. Facing the threat from Japan, US applied the Team Warfare strategy... [ view article ]


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Devolution of Local Government in the Philippines DECENTRALIZATION AND DEMOCRATIZATION In the later part of the 20th Century there has been a dramatic shift in the manner governments around the world managed their states. Instead of having a centralized form of government, most nation nation-state now somehow... [ view article ]

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Microfinance in Philippines COUNTRY ANALYSIS UNIT FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF SAN FRANCISCO JANUARY 2010 Microfinance in the Philippines uring the last few years, the volume of microfinance activity has grown considerably in the Philippines and an increasing number of financial institutions have engaged... [ view article ]

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Children in the Philippines: “No Time for Play” Children in the Philippines: “No Time for Play” What brand of sugar are you using right now? Where was it made? Do you know what went into the making of your sugar? It could be the blood of a child,... [ view article ]

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