Phenomenon of Police Brutality

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Throughout the years, the issue of police brutality against black communities has been a major problem affecting many countries in the United States. Unjustified killings have taken place in the black community, which has clearly led to a national outcry for justice and equality. The issue has become particularly notable in recent years thanks to the numerous murders of young black people that have been committed by police officers.

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Research shows that young black men were nine times more likely to be murdered by police than other Americans in 2015, with a total death toll 1,134 at the hands of law enforcement authorities ( Swaine, 2015). In today’s society, social inequality has become worse with all the cases of horrible acts, and I believe that there needs to be a change in the way our justice system addresses and handles such situations.

Brutality in the police is not a new phenomenon. More than a dozen police departments in major cities across the United States have investigated allegations of racial discrimination or police brutality in the Department of Justice ( DOJ) Office of Civil Rights ( OCR) ( Gabbidon and Greene 2013). The black community was deprived of the fact that black lives does not matter. Society needs a proper reality check we need to have a clear understanding of the definition of Community policy, responsibility, accountability, and commitments. The federal government must deal with police brutality because it inaugurates a deeply-rooted structural complication that has caused indescribable amounts of sorrow and rage, as those in command have been overlooked for way too long and demands to act before more lives are lost.

Black communities fear for their lives every day and if law enforcement does not take responsibility for injustice, a nation that demands freedom, fairness, and serenity will never have true justice and serenity. In my essay, I will be providing examples of police brutality against black communities and how police brutality affects the health of the people subjected to this sort of torture. As well as, the methods of solving this serious problem with efficiency of the police. Therefore, it demonstrates not only the systematic problem that the police have with the use of deadly force, but also the implicit racial bias that the system continues to perpetuate as people of color are the victims.

Standard operating procedures have played an important role in incidents of police brutality, as they are almost always referred to as the main reason why officers should not be sentenced because they ” act” or ” obey” according to the law. But Theresa A, the author of the Racial Profiling Symposium. Martinez believes this was only a racial profiling excuse. Race profiling can be defined in different ways in Martinez’s article the use of race as a key factor in police decision-making to stop and interrogate citizens,

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