Peter and Petrine Contribution to Russia

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Peter and Petrine culture represent a radical break with Russia’s past because Peter the great inherited an administration that had a lot of serious challenges. Nonetheless, Peter and Petrine being performers, planned to address some issues that faced the Russians. Peter succeeded in most areas but also at the other end failed to achieve some problems. Like, most leaders, Peter faced opposition from other leaders. Rejection from opposition never stopped Peter from accomplishing his goal. Instead, it motivated him to work even harder. Peter aimed at modernizing and transforming Russia for the better. The transformation was based on bringing basics of European culture in Russia (Werb, 25).

Peter’s and Petrine’s contributions to Russia’s history

Peter’s rule was defined by battles with Sweden and the Ottoman. Afterward, the consecutive defeat from enemies, which were reminiscent of military losses brought about by his reign. This caused Peter to form a navy and transform the military, which could be a great step in winning the battle. These reforms included the following, establishment of the center of higher learning that replaced prikazy and created a Senate to manage government policies. Peter started a newspaper that was used to keep the public updated on matters concerning administration activities (Vladiv-Glover, 2). For instance, mapping all Russia and its resources to ensure control and extraction. Women attained some freedom under Petrine reign. Introduction of foreign influences to Russians for example, shaving of beards and initiation of new fashion (Rollberg, 335). Development of country’s offensive and defensive capabilities by creating another navy and improving the existing army. Trade was developed due to the expansion of Russian territory. Peter ensured education was improved and Russians could get access to it. Peter also promoted the Russian culture by ensuring he changed the traditional ways of doing things. These reforms were achieved through several initiatives: modest systems for military, Russians marine armies and modernized the military to fit the western culture (Rollberg, 335). Petrine also ensured the administration was streamlined and mobilized Russia’s economy and social resource.

Peter knew that the economy of Russia was in need of reform and this prompted him to travel to different developed countries in a bid to get better ways to develop his home country (Vladiv-Glover, 2). During those trips, Peter was able to learn so much. Peter was able to learn how to improve the economy, and this could help the Russians. Peter knew that if the country economy was stable, the Russians could not travel to other counties in search of job opportunities in countries where the economy was strengthened. Due to this reason, Peter thought to apply the western mercantilism to stimulate agriculture, industries, and commerce. During that time most industries were dominated by the state. Those enterprises were the source of capital, raw material, labor and also the purchaser of the final product (Zitser, 101). This was not enough to support the people of Russians so peter established factories that were producing a wealth of materials and products.

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