Personal Reflection Essay: Personal Bucket List

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I believe that one day my heart will stop beating and my body will grow gradually and cold. However before that occurs, I have earmarked many things that I intend before I die. The realization of the goals I have earmarked will pit my heart at rest and that is why I am determined to ensure that I achieve them. One of the things that ranks top among my bucket list is participating in the New York Marathon. The New York Marathon is a historical race in the world that has seen many marathon records broken and new athletics stars born. Winding through the city of New York, the course provides a proper surface to test an individual’s endurance levels. Conquering the New York Marathon will be a huge source of inspiration for me in life as it has proven to be difficult for even some of the greatest names in the athletics world. Another goal I intend to achieve is to visit China. My first stop in China will be to visit the pagodas occupy a special place in the cultural history of China. The world’s most populous nation has numerous historical sites that reveal a lot about the country. The Great Wall of China, another architectural behemoth in China is definitely one of the areas that I must visit while on my tour of the country. This wall has a special position in the history of the country and paying it a visit to the monument will also be an opportunity to take a walk into the rich history of the country. Another objective that I look forward to accomplishing before my final day is to complete a degree in law and become a barrister in my country. I have a great passion of human rights and wish to undertake a law degree in human rights so that I can defend the rights of those whose rights are violated in the society.

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