Personal Code of Ethics

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Ethics means distinguishing what is right and what is wrong when dealing with moral conflict. In today’s world people have so much information coming from multiple sources that it is impossible to escape from it. Information is available to everyone, for those who want it and also for those who do not want it.

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This information can be right for some people and offensive for others. Journalists have the freedom to publish any news or advertisement they like or they feel right to publish because they have a freedom of press. Although, many publishers do tend to publish a story in a very biased or non transparent way. There should a code of conduct which should be followed when is comes to publishing new articles or advertisement. Some of the things publishers should consider is if they are being transparent on the information they are providing, is the information being biased towards certain group of people or if the information is relative to the readers or not. The code of ethics is not enforced by law, but it is a form of self regulation and should be adopted by the journalists themselves. Journalists should construct their own ethical principles. There are many cases which shows that ethics and journalism go hand in hand. Ethics help us to focus on morally relevant concerns and provide justifiable decision or solution.

Taking the class of Media Law and Ethics have opened up my eyes in multiple ways and also makes me wonder on my personal code of ethics that I believe in. One of the field that I am interested in is the field of advertisement. Advertisement is on all the platform an individual can reach out to. The field of advisement can really have an ethical dilemma that may put one in a situation of choosing what is right or wrong. To encounter these situations one need to apply their own personal code of ethics. In many situations we have seen that some advertisements can really be misleading. Many of the companies run these misleading advertisement to run their business, either to gather more customer or supporting their business model. However, some companies do not realize that these misleading information or wrong facts does cost them millions of dollars either in fines or by losing its customers and also affect their company reputation.

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