Perry and Dick

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The story begins with a description of the landscape in Holcomb, a small, isolated town. The description reflects the tranquility of the place before the murders occurred. Capote alludes to the Greek temples to maybe hint a deeper meaning, like in Greek tragedies.

Mr. Clutter seems to be a successful, well-respected hard worker. He is able to accomplish his goals and dreams of owning a farm and does it successfully. He was brave enough to leave his job and it’s security and join the risky business of owning a farm. He seems like such a well-liked guy that it seems impossible to think he would be murdered.

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The tattoos on Perry and Dick reflect the character’s personality. For instance, Dick’s tattoos are simple and show his attempt to look masculine and scary. Perry’s tattoos show his artistic side and truly makes him look strong and scary, unlike Dick’s tattoo.

Willie-Jay was the only person who Perry believed truly understood him. Willie-Jay wrote this sermon to Perry to help him understand himself and prevent him from making bad decisions. Willie-Jay was the only one who believed in him, but when he went to go meet him and he wasn’t there, he was disappointed. This is why Perry agreed to help Dick because he knew he had no one else to go to.

Nancy’s diary is a symbol of the future she will never have. Her different types of handwriting portrays how young she was and how she still didn’t know who she was. This is surprising to know because as a very talented girl, you would never think she would ever feel this way.

Part II:

The shock of the murders caused the small town to distrust everyone they know. Capote emphasizes how the murders affected the whole community from the beginning with Bobby becoming emotionally damaged and Dewey with all the stress of solving the murder. This story really show how peoples actions can affect everyone.


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