People with disease

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This dissertation is based on two patients who presented to medical services with a presenting complaint of a lack of energy?. My first patient, Mrs W, 61 years, has Diabetes Mellitus, type 2 and my second patient, Mr H, 59 years, has severe anaemia from unknown lower

Gastrointestinal blood loss.

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I shall begin by focusing on the clinical aspects and basic medical sciences of their diseases and then go on to discuss psychosocial aspects, management, investigations and the role of professionals involved in their health care. I will then look at research and evidence based trials to explore the scope of their conditions and look at any current research that is being carried out.

Throughout my dissertation I aim to reflect and convey what I have learnt and how I felt about my experiences.

From writing this report I have developed as an individual and have gained personal advancements that I didnt expect to achieve. I have been able to widen my understanding of diseases and patients experience of their disease.

Furthermore, I have gained an appreciation for research and evidence based medicine and developed a respect for other health care professionals. I have learnt the vital importance of taking on a holistic approach when dealing with a patient, rather than just looking at the basic science behind a disease.

All in all, writing this dissertation has enabled me to truly understand how a disease can affect a patient and I now appreciate that it is not always about curing a patient, but about treating, advising and working towards a better quality of life for the patient and their family.

Word Count: 270 words



  1. Introduction???????????????????????…3
  2. Clinical Features ?????????????????????..6
  3. Pathophysiology?????????????????????…11
  4. Psychosocial aspects of illness and disease???????????18
  5. Roles of health and social care professionals??????????27
  6. Investigations??????????????????????…32
  7. Management???????????????????????34
  8. cope of the problem???????????????????..37
  9. Research????????????????????????.38
  10. Conclusion???????????????????????.39

Appendix i, ii??????????????????????..40


1. Introduction

In my dissertation I aim to explain, explore and reflect on my experience of the People and Disease course. In particular I will focus on my experience of meeting with two individual patients with the same presenting complaint a lack of energy?.

Both patients seem to be concerned with the prognosis of their disease but from very different points of view. My first patient wants to overcome her diabetes and not let it worsen; whereas, my second patient does not wish to know the cause of his anaemia, but is worried about the associated symptoms of his condition and how they will progress.

Before contacting my first patient,

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