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BA (Hons) Communication, Advertising and PR Communication Management Cancer Research UK Peer Assessment Contract Introduction The ‘Peer Assessment Contract’ (PAC) is a document stating the guidelines and regulations that the Account Executive (AE) group has agreed to follow. The PAC will also contain information on the group’s overall strategy for the successful completion of the project. The purpose of this contract is to provide evidence of the agreed acceptable standards of work and level of professionalism that the AEs should adhere to as well as encouraging a positive and pro-active attitude. By signing the PAC, Scott Browning (SB), Fiona Macdonald (FM), Ross Naylor (RN), Nina Camara (NC), Chris Mitchell (CM) and Johan Gerdin (JG) have agreed to all of the terms and conditions included within the PAC. The PAC is to be used as a key tool within the group and will be reviewed throughout the semester. Any Peer Assessment (PA) issues that are brought to the group’s attention must be addressed immediately and if assistance is required, Account Managers (AMs), Account Directors (ADs) or the Managing Director (MD) will be consulted for guidance. If any changes are thought to be necessary to the PAC by any AE; a group vote will take place, with the majority over-ruling. Again, if further assistance is needed, the decision will be taken to the AMs, ADs or finally the MD for guidance. AE role and responsibilities The role that AEs have in the macro team is to provide support to the AMs and AD’s. The main responsibility that AEs have towards the macro team is to complete and hand in the various tasks that are set by the AMs. The work shall be handed in on time and shall meet the standard of quality as stated in the AE PAC. One ongoing task for AEs throughout the project is to produce an accurate set of minutes from the full group meeting every week. AEs must attend and be prepared (see below) for the full group meeting which will take place every Wednesday at 9am or as amended by full group (FG). This involves: • Arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of the meetings. • Reading every agenda before the meeting. • Discussing any issues that the AE may have with the agenda, allowing points to be brought up in the meeting. • Reading all necessary documents required including any agenda points. Preparation of minutes. • Updating each set of minutes for macro group meeting • Updating each set of minutes and agenda for the micro group meeting. If there is an issue any individual would like to discuss at the FG meeting, this must be added to the agenda by 5pm the day before the meeting or the deadline for amending the agenda as set by the AMs. The AEs should maintain a positive and proactive attitude towards the AM’s and ADs and the setting of tasks. They should also actively seek to problem solve should a problem arise and find useful and workable solutions.

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