Pearl Harbor Surprise Attack

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Although it is known that war is present in society, it was inhumane of Japan to spring a surprise attack with little warning on the U.S. It was assumed that Japan gave the U.S. plenty of clues to prepare them for the upcoming attack which was clearly not the case due to the lack of preparation in the U.S.

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on December 7. Despite years of warnings of a growing threat, in both 2001 and 1941 the world’s most capable intelligence community failed to properly understand the danger ad prevent a surprise attack that many saw coming (Erik J. Dahl). The reality of war is upsetting, but the deceitfulness of countries such as Japan was cruel towards their victims. It was reported that on December 7 at 4:55 AM the USS Ward was notified that there were submarines in the general range of Hawaii when there shouldn’t be (Erik J. Dahl).

At this point in the plot, the U.S. had no time to analyze and react who the submarines belonged to or what their quest was. Lastly, the man behind the whole attack was Adm. Yamamoto Isoroku; the commander in chief of Japan’s combined Fleet who designed the attack against the U.S. Pacific Fleet (Pearl Harbor attack). Based off of his actions, he appears to be an unstable man with inhumane intentions. Adm. Yamamoto Isoroku had no justified reasoning as to why he demolished the Naval Base as well as those who lived there. The result of the surprise attack led to the annihilation of the U.S. naval base as well as the equipment that belonged to them leaving the survivors without any resources or platform to regroup from the surprise attack.

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