Personal Data Protection Act 2010

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Intro of PDPA Regulation of the processing, use and disclosure of the personal data in our country, Malaysia has been a subject of the interest as well as hot debate topic started since the late of 1990s. Even though the use, disclosure and processing of personal data in the certain industries, for example the banking and also finance, telecommunications industries as well as healthcare, is regulated and controlled by the some industry-specific legislation, but there has not been any about data protection legislation of the general application in our country Malaysia until 2010. There are several data protection legislation have been drafted and proposed over these years, which including the proposed of Data Protection Bill 2001 as well as the Data Protection Bill 1998, but none of these came to the fruition. Then, a new Personal Data Protection Act 2010 known as PDPA has recently finally enacted successfully due to the serious increasing need to curb those unauthorised use of the personal data in our country, Malaysia. The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 was passed through Malaysian Parliament in month of May 2010 while received the Royal Assent on date 2 June 2010 and then legislations will be come into operation on date which appointed by minister of Information Communications and Culture with notification in Gazette. The Personal Data Protection purposely to protect and safeguard personal data by requiring those data user to comply with some certain obligations as well as conferring some certain rights to the data subject which in relation to his personal data. Reason of PDPA enactment Malaysia, after such a long wait, finally (PDPA) Personal Data Protection Act 2010 has finally been passed and came into fruition. PDPA 2010 actually seeks to regulate and control the processing of the personal data of one’s involved in the commercial transactions by the data users so as to safeguard and provide protection to individual’s personal data, by that safeguarding the interests of individual. The passing and enactment of the PDPA is timely, in order for the information can be transferred as well as transmitted seamlessly and that sometimes, effortlessly. As we know, from the traditional snail mail to those social networking tool like “Tweet-ing”, personal and often such vital and very important information of individuals can now be very easily shared just with a click perhaps. New technologies nowadays and the flow of changing market trends are big contributing to the increasingly important role of the information in this global market economy. Such information, in particular the personal data of the individuals which involved in the commercial transactions, has come into a valuable commodity. Last but not least, such legislation to protect and safeguard personal data has been enacted and applied in jurisdictions such as Canada, European Union, New Zealand and Hong Kong. The Act in PDPA is similar to legislation which enacted in those countries. Comparison with Foreign Statutes There has been much expectation on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) as it would be the legislation in Malaysia which handles with the protection of personal data.

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