Managing Emotions in the Field of Nursing Managing emotions in the field of nursing is an important attribute to possess. Nursing comes with the emotional stress that comes with dealing the feelings of patients who are seeking health care. The trauma is associated with the turmoil and... [ view article ]


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Agitation And Mood In People With Dementia Analyzing a research using a CASP critical appraisal tool 1. Did the trial address a clearly focused issue? The trial addressed a clearly focused issue because the population covered was old people who were aged between seventy-four years and one... [ view article ]


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Pattern Recognition in Diagnosis The diagnostic process is an intricate process that commences with a patient’s ailment history that later on culminates into something that can be classified. It is imperative for a clinician to carefully assess the prognosis and offer effective treatment to... [ view article ]


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Integration of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing | Introduction On a daily basis health care professionals are confronted with difficult questions and situations while caring for patients. They want to know how to interpret diagnostic test accurately, how to predict the prognosis of a patient, and how... [ view article ]


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Hand Gloves Introductions Healthcare Associated Infection (HCA1) has been around for centuries, but thanks for the intervention of technology and surveillance, success has been achieved in reducing the risk in which it’s spreading. I intend to summarise the article “appropriate glove use... [ view article ]


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Multisystem Case Running head: MULTISYSTEM CASE Multisystem Case Scenario Demis Russu Section Instructor: Josanne Christian Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences July 22, 2010 Abstract Mr. Jones presents to the ED with a complex combination of symptoms. Clinicians must swiftly evaluate and... [ view article ]


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Tendonopathies Review Physiotherapy | Sports Dissertations Tendonopathies Review Physiotherapy | Sports Dissertations This dissertation has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional dissertation writers. A Systematic Review of the physiotherapy management of lower limb tendonopathies Tendonitis... [ view article ]


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Euthanasia Euthanasia This dissertation has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional dissertation writers. Euthanasia:  Whose decision is it??? I.Introduction In a 1988 issue of the Journal of the American Medical... [ view article ]

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