Path to Citizenship Legal Residency for Illegal Immigrants Living in the U.S.

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Furthermore, for illegal immigrants to migrate behind the motive could also be the cause of violence or conflict, towns that are or were attacked by the so-called revolutionary parties, which only caused fear, death, and violation of human rights. Making their population feel a strong insecurity in the streets, as well as for their people to express impotence for not being able to do nothing or assist in ending this so-called “”war””. This violence also minimizes the hope of living a quiet life without having to live a constant fear in where false ideals are impose with terror, forcing them to take refuge in other countries to be able to have a more peaceful and secure life. At the same time, this conflict brings out a lesson that with violence there are no solutions to solve our differences or ideals, on the contrary, in order to reach a good agreement, there are different methods without having to reach physical and psychological abuse.

The example could be viewed through The authors of the constitution that protected the foreign slave trade prohibiting interference with it for twenty years (Article 1, Section 9). (Roger, 2017). Many people of these illegal immigrants left their country because of violence, although they have been living in this country for many years and they have established themselves by forming their homes free of conflict and out of some kind of crime. Trying to achieve legality which until now is not granted should be considered legality. It is a dream of having a better quality of life and a prosperous future for ourselves and our children even if it often means leaving our origin.

Moreover, health reasons which unfortunately in various countries do not pay to cover some type of need in favor of health.

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