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    In recent years Partnering as received significant attention within the construction industry because of the purported benefits this approach brings to the parties involved. Furthermore partnering is a means through which the recommendations of the (1998) Egan Report, a client driven, target focused and integrated approach that is based on alliances rather than confrontation. Partnering also is a mechanism through which Best Value may be achieved.   This dissertation focuses on a specific public sector partnering project (the Midlothian New Housing Construction Partnership). The Partnership was initiated by Midlothian Council, during 2003, to carry out £105 million worth of work on a new social housing programme over 5 years. The overall partnership includes client project team, four project management teams alongside Design Teams and Contractors working on individual sites in a collective beneficial manner.   The study designed to provide a narrative account of this stage that explains how partnering was established and developed. Furthermore is to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the Midlothian Partnership compared to suggested practice.   Partnering was investigated by the use of a web-based survey questionnaire method. The Questionnaire design was based on an extensive review of the literature dealing with partnering. The opinions of parties involved were assessed in relation to the success factors, major difficulties and benefits of partnering.   Partnering is acknowledged within the literature reviewed as delivering a number of tangible benefits. This study confirms a number of these assertions since the findings indicate a broad agreement tat both the process and the outcomes of partnered projects are beneficial.   Respondents believe that partnering can bring significant benefits, including fewer adversarial relationships and increased end-customer satisfaction. However, the risks and barriers are real and must be considered. If all parties work together to control risk events and prevent barriers occurring, then partnering projects should succeed. In sum, partnering can and does work, but all project participants must re-think their attitudes and work to make projects more efficient, successful and free of conflict.  


  BAA – British Airports Authority BV- Best Value CBPP- Construction Best Practice Programme CCT- Compulsory Competitive Tendering CIB- Construction Industry Board CII- Construction Industry Institute CT- Construction Team ECI- European Construction Institute EU- European Union F & CM- Facilities & Construction Manager GPD- Gross Domestic Product HFVN- Housing for Varying Needs HTML- Hyper Text Mark-up Language IRP- Issue Resolution Protocol KPIs- Key Performance Indicators LA- Local Authority MSc- Master of Science M4I- Movement of Innovation MNHCP- Midlothian New Housing Construction Partnership NAO- National Audit Office NEC- New Engineering Contract P21- NHS ProC21ure PPC- Project Partnering Contract PPP- Public Private Partnership UK- United Kingdom  

Chapter 1.0 – Introduction


Rationale for the Research

  The Construction industry is a very competitive and risky business. It is faced with many problems such as little co-operation, limited trust, and ineffective communication often resulting in an adversarial relationship among all project stakeholders.

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