Parents Should Be In Charge of Feeding Kids a Healthy Diet

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I. Introduction

A. Grabber- When I was a little girl my mom would not buy chocolatey cereals, white bread, or fast food. That didn’t bother me as much as the fact that she would NEVER let me consume any type of carbonated drink.

  1. Any time I would go to my friends’ houses I would drink a coke, because you know, I wasn’t allowed to at home. I and just remember this awful feeling it left in my stomach
  2. I never understood why she did this, I just thought she was trying to be as mean as she could. As I grew older, I realized she was protecting me from the harmful substances that are in those foods

B. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aka CDC, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 40+ years. (CDC,2108) A lot of the factors of this are things that cannot be helped such as genetics; however, one factor that can be fixed is the child’s eating habits.

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C. As I become more aware of my childhood situation, it is easier to understand that my mom did the right thing as a parent in feeding me a well-balanced diet.

II. Body

A. In the early years of life, children are constantly exposed to their parent’s behavior. They are their children’s role models in every aspect of life, including eating habits.

  1. An article written by the Office of Disease Prevention (OPDP,2012) states that the parents’ message of good nutrition to their children will be more effective if they also serve as better examples of good help
  2. a.

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