Paper Recycling

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Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is the process of recovering used papers for reuse in the production of new paper products. Waste papers may be obtained from the discarded paper material after consumer use. Recycling of many different products has been there for many years since recycling has been found to be cheaper than creating the virgin product. Paper recycling has been put in place as a way of curbing waste paper disposal. The aim of paper recycling is to conserve raw materials used in production, reduce energy use and reduce paper dumping effects on the environment.

Paper recycling brings about environmental importance. Recycling makes the environment clean. Wastes have a wide range of negative impacts on the natural environment. It reduces greenhouse effects (Worrell and Reuter).Trees absorb carbon dioxide in the environment, and if more trees are cut down, there will be a high concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the air which in the long run brings about the greenhouse effect which may lead to diseases that can bring threat to a human for example asthma, respiratory allergies and air diseases.

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Paper recycling reduces pollution and avoids landfills. If paper materials are carelessly discarded, our environment will be filthy, and some papers will even be released into water sources like rivers and lakes bringing about water pollution (Schaub). This endangers aquatic lives like fish, crocodiles and plants also this can bring about diseases to a human for example cholera and typhoid. Also, domestic animals may be affected if they go take the polluted water directly mainly the cattle, sheep, and goats. On the other hand, if we decide to discard waste paper by burning them, air pollution will be the result which has an effect on both plants and human lives for example in human can result in lung cancer, asthma, respiratory disorders. Recycling paper also saves on space in landfills for other wastes that cannot be recycled hence this automatically save land for other purposes like farming in plants this lead to acid rain which affects the vegetation, and when human consume the same, it affects them negatively.

Paper recycling saves on energy and water. During paper production, a lot of water and energy is used. The energy required for the first step of cutting trees to making pulp out of them is so much as compared to the energy required to make pulp out of waste papers (Worrell and Reuter). Research shows that recycling one ton waste paper saves energy capable of powering six American homes for six months and around seven thousand gallons of water this may add value to ones country’s economy for example the saved water can be used for other purposes like irrigation and there will be enough water supply for households also the spared energy can be supplied for other purposes like supplying to areas where there is shortage.

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