Oxycodone Should Remain

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Oxycodone supports the everyday life of many patients. The discussion on its ban will not end anytime soon since the patients whose life is supported by the medication is increasing every day. It is this situation that makes one wonder whether the Food and Drug Administration agency should ban the medication.

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The question of how the medication became so popular and why the FDA had to wait that long only to ban the medication when people are so much dependent on it still goes unanswered. But one fact that cannot go away is that the agency was still in existence when the medication was being developed and as it was introduced in the market. They have seen the changes the medication has brought into the lives of people who suffer from diseases that cause the severe pain such as arthritis. The benefits of the medication are enormous compared to disadvantages (Cicero, & Ellis, 2015). And the government should care about its citizens who need this medication and lift the ban. Some of the users of this medication have designed new ways of using the medication. They dilute it with water and inject, crush or snort. The uses claim that by doing this, the medication works faster. This challenge does not warrant the banning of oxycodone. The regulations on the use of drugs are the ones that the government agency should tighten. Those who use the drugs are many, and it is only a few of them who misuse the drug (Harris, et al, 2014). Snorting or injecting the medication is a personal choice the patients make. The suffering that patients who use the medicine correctly and those who are in a severe need for strong pain-relieving medication are going through cannot be overlooked because of a small population who misuse the medication. The federal government agency can consider doing away with the “pain mills” that prescribe the medication even for minor pains and start set few authorized hospitals, which will serve those patients who are in a real need of oxycodone (Dowell,et al, 2016). It can be an easy way of managing how the medication is administered instead of doing away with it completely. FDA will be in a position to follow the prescriptions given and make physicians accountable. The current system does not hold physicians accountable hence; they prescribe oxycodone to anybody who has money while disregarding other medicines which can be used to treat minor pains. Banning oxycodone makes some patients suffer for mistakes they never committed. The alternatives the government is introducing can also be addictive. It only requires a person to taking them for a considerably long period, and it will reach a point where they will become addicted, especially medications made with drugs such as heroin. Banning a medication every time the government notices that it is addictive or it is overprescribed is only a short-term solution which leads to long-term problems for the patients (Chang,

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