Overview Of Hard Disk Drives

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The suspension manufacturing process is an important research area. So, this chapter presents:

An introduction physical components in HDD

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An introduction component of suspension

Finite Element Method

Principle types of bending

Bending Methods

Theoretical Bending Models

Design of Experiments

Experimental Analysis

2.1 Physical component in HDD

The computer hard disk drives (HDD) are used to store a large quantity of information for retrieval as and when required. Figure 2.1 shows the main components of Hard disk drives. A Hard disk drive consists of three important mechanical components such as a fly head mechanism, a head positioning mechanism, and a disk spindle mechanism. However, Read/Write operations on a magnetic disk are performed by the rotational motion of the recording and the radial motion of the recording head using the swing arm actuator. [6].

Figure 2.1: Components of hard disk drive assembly.

Table 2.1: Function for component of Hard disk drives

Components of hard disk




The magnetic element reads/writes magnetic signals


The strategically shaped block of graphite that carries the head


It is integrated with slider, which is mounted on the head of suspension. This device used to record information on the disk or read information from it.


The head is attached to this components and it is the "carrier" for the Slider that allows the head to "fly" over the disk surface.


The VCM or actuator is the device used to position the head arm to different tracks on the surface of the platter.


A thin round aluminum or glass substrate that is coated with a magnetic material. The head writes and reads to/from the disk.


Disks are stacked along the length of the spindle and the motor spins the disks at a consistent RPM (Revolutions Per Minute).

2.2 Component of suspension

The suspension interconnects carries signals from the write driver to the write head and from the read head to the preamplifier. Therefore, the components of Hard disk drive are composed of Load beam, Mount plate, and Flat flexure circuit as shown in Figure 2.2 [7].

Figure 2.2: The component of the suspension.

2.2.1 Suspension Functions

All magnetic Hard disk drive require suspensions to hold/support the Read/Write head and provide precise preload angle (GL) [8].

Figure 2.3: Suspension Functions.

A suspension assembly holds recording heads over the spinning disk surface but instead "fly�

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