Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction

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For many women, motherhood is one of life’s biggest responsibilities. While caring for a life other than your own requires providing all the necessities of survival, nurturing a loving relationship requires being physically and emotionally present. Addiction to prescription drugs presents many challenges, most of which also prevents women from experiencing the highlights of motherhood. Over 90% of female substance abusers are addicted to prescription drugs.

Often, many are in denial about their addiction due to the stigma of the term drug addict. When most people think of an addict, their mind conjures up an image of a disheveled person hooked on hard drugs, like crack or heroin. They would be surprised to find that a significant number of women, many of whom are mothers, are functioning drug addicts. The repercussions of prescription drug addiction are far-reaching. If you’re struggling with this disease, overcoming it can provide valuable benefits, many of which will make you a more present mother.

Healthier Sleep Hygiene One sign of prescription drug addiction is experiencing a drastic change in your sleep patterns. Motherhood can sometimes be full of unrelenting responsibilities, and this becomes more difficult when you’re unable to keep up due to exhaustion. Typically, instances where a cup of coffee or a good night of rest can help, opioid-induced drowsiness prevents relief. Those addicted to drugs like Codeine or Morphine are known to sleep their days away, often isolated in a dark, locked room. By sleeping around the clock or at odd hours, household chores become neglected and children are often ignored. For others, substance abuse can cause sleep deprivation. This can lead to extreme exhaustion, hallucinations, and/or confused erratic behavior.

Lack of sleep can also cause neglect, as well as putting your children at increased risk of injury.

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