Overcoming Math Anxiety in the Elementary Grades

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Math anxiety has become very common today in students and has been shown to develop in students as young as age five. Math anxiety is more than just not liking math. People who suffer from math anxiety become stressed just at the thought of numbers.

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Students suffering from math anxiety become behind in school as a result of their fears. Math anxiety has to boundaries when it comes to age, race, or gender and affects all types of students. There are many reasons these students experience math anxiety, but with help from their teachers there are ways to alleviate some of these fears so that they may excel at math.

Math anxiety refers to the anxious feeling that one cannot perform in situations that require the use of mathematics. This does not only affect students in school, but in all aspects of life that require math skills. Math anxiety is associated with intense nervousness or discouragement when it comes to math problems or tests. When students feel this anxiety they automatically shut down, which forces them to doubt themselves in their math abilities. When a student continuously fails at math, this causes them to have the mindset that they will always fail in the subject (Andy). One of the most common results of math anxiety is poor math skills and poor math grades. This does not only affect them in grade school, but follows them in their education through and after college (Shields).

There are many reason that students experience math anxiety. One of the most common reasons for math anxiety is teacher attitudes. The way the teacher feels about the subject reflects onto their students. Teachers, just like students,

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