Our Society vs Guy Montag Fahrenheit 451

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Is Technology making us worse or better as a society compared to Fahrenheit 451? Fahrenheit 451 published in 1953 looks at a society that’s so dependent on technology and distracted from television that it poses a threat to humans relationships. As in Fahrenheit 451, the world we live in tend to be more into technology/electronics than people. In the novel a great part of the population uses technology and I believe it is making the world worse.

Difference in society

In the novel of Fahrenheit 451 the society is where the government has taken all the control, self expression is prohibited, and firemen didn’t save lives and put out fire they burned books in homes.

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In our society today, the government has a lot of control, but we are still allowed to have self expression and the basic human rights. Also in our society reading is still a big part of our world in teaching, and there is many books used today.

Advance in Technology

In the novel of Fahrenheit 451 the society depends on the advancing of technology. The characters in the novel live in rooms that have television that are in their walls. They live in a society where books are not needed or allowed. Also, when more technology is invented the more they become attached. Entertainment replaced reflection and debate which can play a big part in the choices people make.

In the society today, technology also plays a huge role in how we do things. It’s similar because technology controls us just like it controls the society in Fahrenheit 451.

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