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Ostracize of Ben in The Fifth Child and Margaret in A High Wind in Jamaica Novels

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The Fifth Child novel portrays similarities to A High Wind Jamaica Novel since they discuss related topics. Both books display the role of parental care in family matters. Doris Lessing is the author of The Fifth Child while on the other hand, Richard Hughes is the author. In both cases, it is depicted that out at least one of the children in the family is excluded in participating in particular affairs. This essay explicitly discusses the manner in which Ben and Margret get ostracized by both children and adults, accompanied by manners in which this happens and the differences in the forms of exclusion.

Ben in the Fifth Child Novel is born with some distinct features. Firstly, he is the fifth child of David and Harriet. The duo came into marriage after meeting in the office party. After that, they went ahead to purchase a big house that would accommodate their family once they settle. Another distinct feature that is observed from the Ben at early times is the violent moves he made while in his mother's stomach (Lessing, Doris, 24). Lastly, he is born one month earlier which did not happen to his siblings. He is said to be proactive in growth rate and leaning on how to walk.Due to this abnormalities, Ben ends up being a headache for both his family and other close individuals. He becomes a nuisance due to his code of conduct which contributes to being ostracized. For example, he gets used to beating his siblings and mishandling them which makes them fear relating to him. Another incidence comes in when he disrespects other people's properties (Lessing, Doris, 56). Take an instance when he kills their neighbor's dog. This tends to contribute to rejection by other close persons around him. He is taken to a special school, but his conduct does not alter. When brought back at home, his fellows tend to continue shying off from him. In this situation, it is justifiable that Ben is being ostracized due to his unchanging behaviors. He is not in pole position to associate with others due to his nature.

Margret is an England born child whose family was taken in Jamaica to work as slaves on large plantations. After the hurricane had destroyed their homestead, there was the need for them to move back to their original land (Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren, 16). This was in England. The only mode of transport they could use at that particular time was the ship. Captain Marpole is left in charge of the children while on their journey. His boat got seized, thus, losing the children to the pirates. While on Pirates' ship, Margret is seen to undergo some injustices which depict that she was being ostracized. For example, while on the ship, Margaret got alienated from the rest of the children differently. They stopped taking her to shores after the death of his brother. She went ahead to shift to Otto's cabin to become his concubine. Also, Emily, who was Margret's sister stub and kills a captain whom they had been with, in the cabin. The captain had been captured by the pirates and was making an attempt to free himself. The Pirates mistook Margret to have done the act yet it was conducted by Emily. She ends up being thrown overboard. By good luck, she got rescued by other pirates (Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren, 55). This is another clear case where she is ostracized in the novel. Back in London, the rest of the children arrived and confirmed to have not been affected, on the other hand, Margaret had lost his sanity. Additionally, she is the only one found to be pregnant amongst all the children.

However, the two Novels justifies that the manner in which the two children got ostracized differs to a great extent. For instance, Ben is excluded by his colleagues and adults out of his abnormal conduct. He is identified as a destructive person. He also lacks the ability to accommodate others thus creating fear among his fellow children. Margaret, on the other hand, is portrayed a person who is firm with a stand (Hughes, Richard Arthur Warren, 88). She is not someone to easily sway into something. For example, she took a firm stand of not engaging in wanting practices on the ship while they were traveling to England. This creates a disintegration in the manner by which the due got ostracized.

In conclusion, the two stories justify that the world is full of different forms of alienation from various groups of individuals. One should expect any form of discrimination either from his friends or family members as portrayed in the cases of Ben and Margaret. However, we should be ready to accept such challenges and take them positively in life. Finally, we should learn on how to accommodate other groups of individuals in our societies. For example, learning on how to interact and operate with abnormal persons which Ben's family failed to incorporate while he was at his tender age.

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