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  OSI is an entrepreneurial company. It’s not run like typical companies our size, with dictates from the top. Yes, there are rules and strategies to follow, levels of responsibility, and budgetary limits, but we operate like a family. This culture is very different. It evolved because it was the best way for us to do business, and it was worked. Sheldon Lavin Chairman and CEO OSI Group is an American company in a world leading position who provides products and customer solutions for the food industry. The company produces many private label brand foods and co-packs major brand name items for its various Foodservice and Retail customers. In 1901, OSI opened its first family meat market in Chicago. Now OSI Group has more than 60 facilities in 17 countries around the world, located in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. It is a giant global food processor with 19,500 employees, getting $6.125 Billion in revenue in 2013. Its products include co-manufacturing meat, bacon, beef, pork, chicken, fish, poultry and vegetable products. In addition, OSI’s vertically integrated supply chain is breeding farms, grow-out facilities, feed mills, and hatcheries Shanghai Husi is an outpost of OSI Group, a privately held Illinois-based company that has operated in China for more than two decades. The group in China is a meat supplier to most western fast food chains, such as MacDonald, Pizza Hut and Subway. 20th July 2014, China’s Shanghai Husi Food was reported to supply rotten-meat to its clients such as McDonald, KFC and Subway. There were tons of our-of-date chicken breast and skin mixed in the McNuggets, and the workers indicated that was every day routine to raise production and cut costs, reported by Shanghai Dragon TV. Though the commissioned inspectors of clients visit Husi factory every month, the administrative department informs their workers to conceal their rotten meat before the inspection. The inspectors never expected that the factory was full of blue bags (According to Husi, all shoddy and out-of-date products must be packed by blue bags) the day before their arrival. Workers told journalist that manager commanded them to falsify the products’ dates; in fact, some of the expired products were nearly 7 months out of date. Reporter also illustrated the stinking meat stacked around the workshop floor, and how workers added the expired meat into production line. What’s more, these scandal meats were indicated to supply Chinese market priorly. After the Dragon TV’s report, Shanghai FDA closed down Husi Factory. 21th July 2014, each local government compels the commission of Husi, including McDonald and KFC, to remove all unqualified food from their menus. Local authority cited the person in charge of production and was told the decision to use expired meat came directly from seniors managers. 29th Aug. 2014, senior manager of Shanghai Husi, Hujun and other 6 person, were arrested by the order of Shanghai People’s Procuratorate. 26th July 2014, Shanghai FDA confirmed Husi’s illegal acts and seized all the expired foods. OSI Group claimed to recall all the Husi’s products and the company’s Chinese affairs was taken over by their new international group.

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