Origins Of Visual Art Impact

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In this dissertation, I will research the origins of visual expression, firstly asking why was it made, and who was it made for? I will then be looking for the earliest examples of where visual expression was found and then be moving onto how western art was developed and controlled though the early centuries in Europe. Then focusing on how one artist (Marcel Duchamp) chanced how institutions and art galleries could value art and lead the way for the future artists.

Finally, this will bring me onto look at the emergence of the YBA’S (Young British Artists) and the dynamics of their surroundings which would evidently lead to their success in the international art world, helped by the modern systems of mass media, written medias and public opinion.

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In this, I will investigate the relationship between visual and modern day language mediums thought discourse, with an added envious on my own personal experience though the viewing of the art works in the exhibition at Liverpool Tate “Bad art for bad people� by Dino and Jake Chapman (13th December 2006 – 4th March 2007), also including another artist who was the forerunner of the YBA movement and who would later become the YBA pin up, Damien Hurst. I will look how Damien Hurst used the systems of the media, being, news papers, Magazine columns, visual media and mass audiences, to make his own unique stamp in the art world.

I will look how the YBA’S became into the international limelight during the late 1980’s and 1990’s, helped with the guidance and backing of the advertising mogul Charles Saatchi, and his effect on the mass audience of the British public and aboard, making the YBA movement a success in the worldwide art scene.

The first chapter will look at the origins of art


Marcel Duchamp

To study how Marcel Duchamp’s artistic practices gave such controversy though-out the art world, arising the nature of art itself and what we view, and value as art. I will study the work “ The Fountain� (1917) and how it can be singled out as the bench mark for future contemporary art practice of today, firstly looking upon the history of Marcel Duchamp’s life up to the point of his work “ The fountains� creation and existence in 1917.

(3A) Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain 1917�

Marcel Duchamp was born into world, in 1913, the French writer Charles Peguy Remarked, “The world has changed less since the time of Jesus Christ than it has in the last thirty years.� (18) He was speaking of all the conditions of western capitalist society: its ideas, its sense of history, its beliefs, modes of production, and its art.

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