Organizational Structure For Abc Systems Business Essay

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The purpose of this report is to analyze how ABC Systems could develop and implement human resource strategies that could improve the HR function and organizational effectiveness. This report is divided into sessions. The first session is a briefing about the most appropriate organizational structure and processes for the company taking into account the current external environment.

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The second session talks about different approaches of personnel management, human resource management and strategic human resource management that would help the company to implement change and overcome resistance to change. The third and fourth session is about the company’s human resource planning and recruitment and selection processes, to see how they could be enhanced and how capable they currently are to cope with the planned expansion. The fifth session deals with an investigation into the contribution that human resource development and knowledge management could make to enhancing individual and organizational performance. The sixth session is a few recommendations on performance and reward strategies that the company should undertake in order to reduce the high level of turnover within the company. Finally, the last session gives a few suggestions on how to develop a harmonious and trusting employment relationship within the existing and ‘new’ expanding company. All these sessions will help ABC systems to achieve its organizational goals and objectives effectively and efficiently.

Session 1: Organizational Structure for ABC Systems

A firm’s size can affect the nature of external environmental impacts as well as its ability to respond. Small businesses with limited resources, particularly in terms of finance and management, are unable to scan or analyze the environment and therefore react negatively towards environmental changes. However, small firms have certain advantages over large businesses when it comes to adapting to economic changes. They have a smaller decision-making base in terms of leadership and can also make faster changes in the workforce or product offerings. Generally, some types of small businesses thrive in a slow economy. For example, companies that facilitate vehicle and property repossessions show an increase in profits during a slow economy. Firms that have a solid financial backing can increase in expansion opportunities by buying out their struggling competitors or gaining their competitor’s customer bases. Similarly, ABC system, a small but growing company will continue to not only expand its market but its product portfolio as well. The most appropriate organizational structure for ABC system is the matrix organizational structure. Basically, this design groups employees by both function and product. This structure is useful for companies that deal with multiple products and that work in different geographical areas. In this case, individuals would work across teams and projects as well as within their own department or function.

Session 2: Defining Personnel Management, Human Resource Management and Strategic Human Resource Management

Personnel management is the process of acquiring,

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