Organizational Behaviour And Employee Development Business Essay

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Can managers create employee motivation? Discuss with reference to the theoretical material outlined in the module. Motivation is the driving force in which human being achieve their goals. Motivation is the power that strengthens behavior, gives the route to the behavior and it triggers the tendency to continue.

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Motivation is a course that is concerned with a kind of strength that boosts the performance and directs one towards accomplishing some definite target. Motivation is a force that helps individual to achieve their desires. It is a strength that helps individual to stay focus and determined. Over the years many authors have defined motivation but up till date there is no single definition for motivation. According to Goddard et al (2006) it is an accumulation of diverse routes which put across and manipulates our activities to attaining some particular ambitions. However, despite different definition of motivation there are some common concerns expressed such as the individuality phenomenon. Individual can be motivated differently due to their behavior, attitudes, goals and values. Employee behaviors can be change toward achieving success in an organization by applying a sort of motivation. Employee motivation is one of the policies that managers use to increase the effectual job management among the employees in the organization. An employee who is motivated is responsive of the goals and objectives that she or he must achieve and she therefore directs her efforts towards that direction. Motivation usually formulates an organization more successfully because the provoked employees are constantly looking for the improved practices to do the work. It is therefore important for organization to persuade employee’s motivation. One key factor in employee motivation is the opportunity that the employees want to continue to develop and grow the job and career enhancing skills. According to Goddard et al (2006) training is the planned intervention which is designed to enhance the determinants of an individual’s job performance. Managers are individuals that are responsible for heading organizations. Managers are also accountable for overseeing of the various departments within an organization. In any organization, the management of employees should be the first priority of all managers. How employees functions within the organization is highly dependent on the relationship that they have with the management. Managers thus play a vital role in motivating employees. A motivated employee will be more productive and effective in his work station than an employee with strained relations with the manager. Managers should strive to maintain a positive relationship as such productive relationships enable managers to accomplish the organizational goals and objectives. Effective management allows managers to capitalize on the strengths of individuals employees. A manager can motivate his employees to use their strengths to see a business venture succeed. The success of a manager in encouraging his employees to be productive translates to success in the organizational operations as the company is able to attain its set goals and objectives.

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