Organizational Behavior Performance Management Styles Business Essay

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Organizational behavior is defined as a “actions and attitudes of individuals and groups toward one another and towards the organization as a whole, and its effect on the organization’s operation and performance” ( /definition/organizationalbehavior.html #ixzz16Vjf8nTW). So organizational performance always determined by organizational behavior. Organizational behavior is basically determined from the behavior of the people working for the organization.

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So while keeping in view organizational behavior, organizational performance includes multiple activities, which help in creating the goals of the organization, and monitor the advancement towards the target. In order to achieve goals more efficiently and effectively this is used to make adjustments. The frustration of most of the owners and business executives usually is for Organization Performance. This is so even as their employees are hard working and are busy doing their respective tasks, the company is unable to achieve the scheduled results. Results are achieved not due to the diligent efforts made by the employees but more due to unexpected events and good fortune. In order for the any business to be successful, tasks must be defined and accomplished. It is important for an organization to develop strategies that should be designed around the skills that would enhance the performance of the organization. This could be accomplished by introducing Organizational Performance Management Systems. These are a number of major movements and methods that could increase the performance of an organization. Each one of these methods includes regular recurring activities that are used to establish the goals of the organization. These activities are also required to monitor the progress of the organization towards the goals. They are used to make adjustments to achieve the desired targets more effectively and efficiently. ( So the organizational performance is determined by the organizational behavior and organizational behavior is determined by the following factors Management styles Motivations Organizational structure Culture Work environment Training and development

1.1 Management styles

Management styles are democratic, autocratic and consultative. Selecting the correct management style may lead to greater motivation and productivity from your staff. However, it is not as easy as just ‘picking’ a style. Manager’s personalities and characteristics will influ+ence the type of style adopted. For example a timid manager will find an autocratic management style difficult to adopt.

Democratic Management Style

A democratic manager assigns authority to his/her staff, giving them responsibility to complete the task given to them (also known as empowerment). Staff will complete the tasks using their own work methods. However, the task must be completed on time. Employees are involved in decision making giving them a sense of belonging and motivating individuals. Because staffs feel a sense of belonging and are motivated the quality of decision making and work also improves. Although popular in business today, a democratic management style can slow decision making down because staffs need to be consulted.

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