Organisation Development And Human Resources Management

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The ageing population is a huge concern when it comes to organizational development and Human resources. All organization from the small business to the big organization has or will deal with issues arising from the lift of the pension eligibility age. In my work, I have pointed out some keys areas where employers have to give their best attention such as intergenerational conflict, the ageing challenge, discrimination and also I have describes some strategies or recommendation which could be use by any employers.

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My work was mainly based on Internet articles and also books about human resources and organizational development.


Today in Australia, according to the Australian treasury, the Australian population is getting older, for two main reasons which are a high decrease in birth rate since the late 1960’s and also because the population is living longer, the life expectancy today is 78 and will be around 83 in 2043 according to the IGR (Intergenerational report, 2002). The government is now facing economic issues regarding their pension scheme. Because of the ageing population the cost of their pension scheme will be too high and so, under Rudd’s government, the pension eligibility was lift from 65 to 67, which means that workers will work longer. In the context of Human resource this decision has some important organisational implications that employers and managers must know how to tackle the problem of ageing workers.

1 – The ageing challenge

According to Keese, (2006) there are 30 countries who are members of the OECD and none of them have successfully tackled the problem of the ageing population. Some of them have started to tackle the problem and have implemented policies that encourage older worker to work. Peter Promnitz, region head of Mercer Asia/Pacific,(, 2010) has another view of the ageing population. In his article “The next GFC: our ageing population”, Promnitz says that it is important that employers take action across their employee’s lifespan, not just towards the end. He also recommends that companies must take action during the recruitment, the retention and retirement. Recruitment: Companies should promote for and attracting older employees. As cited by Promnitz, ‘successful businesses will also retain the experience and knowledge of older workers by being creative and flexible in their work practices with a willingness to redefine the job where necessary and effectively manage retirement transitions’ Retention: Employers are concerned about the health-care consequence of recruiting older employees. Absenteeism and disability are indeed greater with the older group. The challenge for manager will be to create a work environment and a job design, which can put together health, issues, training, environment and the tasks required. Retirement: Employers need to focus on preparing their employees retirement. It is an important part that if employees are going to work longer they also need the insurance of being looked after by their employers.

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