Organ Donation Transplant

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Organ transplantation, or organ donation, is when one of the person’s failing organs are removed and replaced with a better organ that was taken from another person. Organs can be failing because they could have had a disease or damaged due to different factors. Also, some people are unfortunately sometimes born without a certain organ that they may need to live with.

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These people are part of the many people out there who are waiting for a replacement for one or more of their organs. An organ transplant is probably the last method to do when all other cures, treatments, and procedures fail.

The first successful organ transplant occurred in 1954. The transplant was performed by David Hume and Joseph Murray. A kidney was donated from a living person to another living person. These two people were twins so donating the organ had a higher success rate. However, the article Historical Overview of Transplantation by Clyde Barker and James Markmann states that, As early as 600 b.c., the use of autogenous skin flaps to replace missing noses was conceived. The human skin is one of our largest organs, so replacing some skin from one person to another person is also considered as organ donation. During these early times many basic transplantation like this happened. They were successful because the doctors used detached or free grafts of the patient’s tissue or that of other donors (Barker). During the 19th century, researchers started finding more major skin transplantation. In 1869, a person named Jacques-Louis Reverdin was able to find out that small, thin (split thickness) grafts would heal (Barker). This was a major advancement because it helped treat many injuries and diseases such as ulcers, open wounds, and burns. In the 20th century many more major discoveries and transplants occurred. In 1963, an organ was successfully recovered from a person who was brain dead. This was a very important discovery because organs are still recovered today from brain dead donors. Also, another important transplant was the heart transplant in 1967 which is still very important. Organ donation has kept advancing more and more over the years.

Because of advancement and more research, organ donation has kept on becoming more successful. Researchers have created medicine to take, so your body will not reject the new organ in your body. The medicine is immunosuppressant. Without this medicine the donated organ will not be able to function because the body will not let it to do its function. The rejection may not happen very quickly, but the person will experience different symptoms. Some symptoms can be pain where the transplant was done, feeling sick, a fever, losing or gaining weight, swelling, and changing heart rate. However, other than rejection other problems can occur. The medicine taken will suppress your immune system,

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