Options Proposed for the Waste Management Program at the Navistar Plant

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Navistar International Corporation carried out a thorough review about the outcomes of the plant-wide waste audit during August 1994. The company’s then co-coordinator’s proposed that necessary steps should be taken to completely address the issue. The coordinator believed that a solid waste management strategy should be adopted to ensure the sustenance of the company.

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During 1994, Navistar was the leading producer company known in selling both medium and heavy trucks in the entire North American market for 14 successive years. At that time, the corporation only operated eight manufacturing plants as well as 2 technical centers, with a total number of employees of 14, 900 individuals globally. During that year, the company generated $5.3 billion in revenues.


Navistar’s premium conventional and serious service trucks were manufactured at the Chatham manufacturing plant, whereas the company’s regular usual and cabover trucks were manufactured and assembled at Navistar’s assembly center located in Springfield. Regardless, the company presented its first environmental, health and safety report for the financial year of 1994. The report, however, outlined that company-wide events, especially in environmental, health and safety sectors as well as the planned program for future environmental, health and safety events for the corporation. The report also included Navistar’s Environmental Protection Policy which should guide the company’s options regarding proposed options for the waste management program.

Because of that, Navistar sustained a competent environmental staff with an aim of monitoring and implementing various environmental outlines and to offer training to the company’s workers. More so, the company’s environmental staff advised the company’s vice-president, who then reported to the company’s quality management and technology department, who then report to both the president and CEO. To add, the board of directors which had sanctioned the Environmental Protection Policy and Management Program was frequently informed regarding the company’s environmental routine.

In October 1994, the company officialized a number of its Environmental Executive Committee. The committee was accountable for overseeing and assessing the company’s observance with environmental needs, assure the world that the company’s environmental thoughts are an integral part of Navistar’s business programs. Furthermore, the committee was responsible for assuring involved stakeholders that there are enough resources that can support the company’s Environmental Management Program. The committee also reviewed all environmental revelations in their yearly 10-K as well as other shareholder statements as needed by the Securities and Exchange Commission,

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