Operational Strategy

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Is a consistent pattern of decisions for operations and the associated supply chain that are linked to the business strategy and other functional strategies leading to a competitive advantage for the firm (Roger ,2013).Operation strategies and decisions are meant to fulfill the needs of the business and add competitive advantage to the business.Operational strategy is concerned with the reconciliation of market requirements and operation resources (James, 2017). It involves Satisfying market requirements businesses meet customer needs but remain competitive by setting appropriate performance objectives. Making decisions on the deployment of operational resources which affect the performance objectives of the organization.

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Any strategy requires an understanding of the dynamics of the market .Electromechanical Company Inc. should do a market research to understand the market needs and dynamics. The market needs inform the company of the issues to be considered. The market research will provide useful information about the competitors, customers’expectations, any missing links between customer expectation and the intensity of the competition.

Slack et al (2004) there are five operational objectives.

1) Cost ; ability to produce at low cost

Electromechanical Company Inc. could go paperless in all its documentation. Processes of electromechanical Inc. are documented manually and kept for future reference. To enable them save on costs it will be prudent for the company to invest in technology. Records will be stored electronically access electronically. This will improve on the efficiency and speed of retrieving records.

2) Quality: the ability to produce in accordance with customer specification. To ensure quality, there should be inspection of the company products during and after processing and ensure continuous improvements of their processes.

Quality is subjective. Quality needs to address product design if it meets the customer requirements and Process quality if the products are error free.

3) Speed: ability to do things quickly in response to customer demands. Ensure timely delivery of the products and services

4) Dependability:

The customers should be able to rely on the company to provide the product when needed.

5) Flexibility:

The environment changes rapidly. Electrochemical company should be able adapt to the changes quickly. In regards of the product it should be able to change from manufacturing of one product to another. Their products should be easy to customize.

Value Added Services

Value added services differentiate the organization from others.it helps to foster a good relationship that make customers loyal to the organization. This include

  1. Provision of information Electromechanical Company Inc.

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