Operation Plans At Toivolas Construction Firm Business Essay

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The owners of Toivola Construction LLC, believe that the most important element supporting the feasibility of this company is the strength and the proven ability of our managers and employees. Toivola Constructions’ management team consists of Terry Toivola, Tiffany Toivola, and Kevin Toivola. Each one of us represents a strong blend of complementary skills and business experience.

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In addition to each one of us having a business degree, Tiffany will soon have completed her Masters degree in Accounting. Kevin also has a Masters degree in Marketing. Terry, the CEO and Vice President, started his first business at a very young age and has since worked in all areas of construction throughout the United States. Terry Toivola – As Chief Executive Officer, Terry’s responsibilities include team building, building a positive culture among the team and setting our overall strategy in motion. As well as being responsible for these things Terry will be responsible for heading up each and every project making sure that they are completed within our budget and time constraints. As the supervisor of Cutting Edge construction, Terry was an integral part of a team that turned a one man construction company into a 3 million dollar a year organization. Terry has more than 10 years of construction industry experience with demonstrated accomplishments in cost effective negotiations, cost management and control, claim analysis, scheduling and purchasing. His diverse project experience includes extensive coordination with private developers, owners, real estate managers, cost consultant and contractors. Tiffany Toivola – As Chief Financial Officer Tiffany is responsible for the inflow and outflow of cash, balancing the books and payroll. Tiffany is also responsible for making financial reports for meetings, creating plans that will help up maximize our profits and determining ways for our employees to work more efficiently to reduce our costs. She is currently working in the construction industry as a corporate accountant and has built a group of dedicated vendors to assist the company with necessary supplies and lines of credit. Kevin Toivola – As COO Kevin will be responsible for all aspects of our operations. This includes our supply chain, quality, sales and marketing, safety and health and our environmental concerns. Through the use of performance measurements, flowcharts, best practice information and benchmarking he can predict potential problems in our operations and create the best methods to correct the issues. Kevin has an impressive combination of academic qualifications and business experience. He has a Masters degree in Marketing, and a Bachelors degree in Business management. This is supplemented by experience in his parent’s very successful business. Kevin has been responsible for the development and oversight of the accounting department in this company throughout his years in college and has an ongoing role. As well as the three managers we have three other professionals that will be responsible for every aspect of physically completing the projects.

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