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Open Possibilities is an outpatient counseling center located in the city of Costa Mesa, California. In total, the center employs about 40 MFT Trainees from various graduate programs throughout California. Open Possibilities is a non-profit organization that operates to assist low income, struggling individuals and families at the clinic, while also maintaining contracts with multiple school districts and homeless shelters to provide counseling services at a low cost. Various elementary, middle, and high schools are contracted with Open Possibilities in Santa Ana, Ocean View (Huntington Beach), and Little Lake (Norwalk) unified school districts.

A homeless shelter, called WISE Place for Women is also contracted with Open Possibilities to provide counseling services at a low cost. MFT Trainees may also see individual adult or child, couples, or family clients at the clinic on a sliding scale fee. The intake process involves a client calling the clinic to ask for services, which they will then be matched to an MFT Trainee based on availability of schedule, and then the MFT Trainee will give the client a call to schedule an intake session. Lastly, Open Possibilities also offers groups such as Teen Anger Management, Teen Substance Abuse, Adult Anger Management, and Parenting classes. Clients’ who attend these various groups may either be court mandated or voluntary. The intake process will be similar to individual counseling, but will be based on clients’ preference of which group (day/time) to join.

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Identifying Information

The client is a 14-year old, heterosexual, Hispanic female. She’s currently in 7th grade and is not in a relationship, although she expresses a desire to be in one with a boy from her previous school. The client is the middle child of three. She has an older sister and a younger sister, ages 19 and 10. Both parents are married and living in the same house. About a month and a half ago, client’s grandparents and one of her aunts came from Mexico to live with her family and she complains of not having enough space in the house due to the amount of people living with them. The client was initially referred for counseling by her school guidance counselor dating back to November 2017, for fighting with another female student. The client stated that the reason for fighting was due to a female student spreading rumors about her regarding other male students. She reported not liking what she heard about what was being said, so when she went to confront this student, a physical altercation broke out. Another incident occurred this past February, where client was involved in mutual combat with another female student, after hearing rumors being spread about her and other boys.

Presenting Complaints

The client has difficulty expressing her emotions appropriately. She has a quiet and calm demeanor,

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