Only Invertebrate Animals Are Used

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Imagine, one day you come home from school or work and your beloved pet is missing. You post signs everywhere only to find your pet on the streets with red puffy eyes, and he is unable to even open them. Your pet has a tag on it saying, experiment #212 with the logo of your favorite makeup brand. You take your pet to the vet to find out that they have been tested on with some kind of chemical compound similar to mascara. Unfortunately, your pet has passed away due to the vet not being able to fix the complications from the infection. Your pet was one result of millions of animals being tested on for cosmetic purposes.

Animal testing for beauty products should be illegal in the United States because it may permanently harm an animal or kill it. However, it is okay in the rare case that animal testing is used for medical purposes. Animal testing for beauty products began as early as 1938 when makeup and all of those things became more popular. Animal testing is when live-animals undergo a test for a formula in makeup, or a chemical going into the formula to test if its harmful to human skin or eyes.

Only invertebrate animals are used, like mammals. Some people think that animal testing just stops at rats/mice but, for beauty products testing it can be dogs, cats, rabbits, and monkeys. Approximately, 100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die every year as a result of animal testing for beauty products. As previously stated, animal testing is to ensure that the makeup formula or a chemical going into the makeup is not harmful to our skin and eyes.

To explain it a little more, they test it for its overall toxicity. If a beauty product like shampoo, sunscreen, eyeshadow, or mascara could permanently blind a person or burn their skin off, why would they want to use it? They use it because the company’s products are in demand because of popularity. Popularity like celebrity endorsements, youtubers, or Instagram stars. The company should just use less harmful chemicals in their products so that they do not have to test the products on animals. A controversy surrounding animal testing is that the animals may suffer and die as a result of the pigment is just beautiful or my winged eyeliner looks flawless. These animal testings are cruel to animals, correct? Well, the United States has animal cruelty laws in all 50 states, yet this is still legal. Some companies have already banned animal testing with their beauty products, and are trying to put an end to all of it.

The beauty company LUSH. For more than 30 years, they have been fighting against animal testing. It’s Cruel and ineffective, and despite some changes in the last four decades, there’s still so much more to be done, says the LUSH company. This company advertises for animal testing awareness on all of their products like bags,

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