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Walt Whitman is considered one of the best and most influential of the 1800s and the Americas. Whitman’s love for America and democracy is what truly made him into one of the best, even till this day, poets in the world.(Costanzo) Whitman had many poems about his life, the civil war, love, America, and many more. Whitman’s poetry was heavily based on the period that he lived which was the civil war.

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Whitman uses poetry to reflect on his feelings, his life, and also his impact on the poetry in the Americas, these pieces include O Captain! My Captain!, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry and A Noiseless Patient Spider.

Walt Whitman’s early life was fascinating. Whitman, born on May 31, 1819, Whitman was originally from Long Island(Costanzo). Whitman moved to Brooklyn when he was only six years old for his father to find work. Unfortunately, Whitman’s father was not able to find work, because of this Whitman’s father took him out of school and into work to make an income for the sizeable ten-person family. Whitman began to work at a Brooklyn attorney office when he was only eleven.

Whitman became a teacher at the age of seventeen, despite Whitman’s passion for writing. Whitman still being young quit his teaching job and went back Long Island to become a journalist(Costanzo). However, Whitman just a few years later found himself without a job and went back to the city.(Costanzo) Whitman was hired for the Brooklyn Daily Newspaper as an editor and covered some controversial writing. This is what sparked Whitman’s idea of becoming a writer. But this also came with a downfall due to these topics Whitman had a reputation and not a good one, Whitman kept losing his jobs due to these topics and was never financially or emotionally stable. Keep in mind Whitman was only about twenty-five in this period. Since Whitman was still very young, he was emotionally unstable throughout his late twenties early thirties. This can also be because many people believe that Whitman was bi-sexual or even homosexual. In 1800 being gay is very frowned upon so him not being able to tell someone must have taken a toll emotionally on Whitman.

Whitman’s later life was very drama-filled and did a number on Whitman’s family. Whitman in 1855 began and finished a poetry book named Leaves of Grass (Walt Whitman Biography). This let Whitman Find his true voice and style of writing(Walt Whitman Biography) Whitman’s Family has split apart due to the civil war. In the year 1862 Whitman went to Fredericksburg to search for his brother George (Walt Whitman Biography).

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