Offshore Call Centers – The conflict between business & consumers. | Business

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Advancements in communications, software development and other technologies have enabled practically every type of business to expand its services to off-shore locations with the probable choices of countries where both the infrastructure and specific needs of the clients can easily be met. Examples of such services include but are not limited to call-centers, as also the subject of our present dissertation, back office operations, insurance claim processing, revenue accounting as well as web/digital development. Indeed one of the successful areas have the disciplines which involve information technology (IT) related services, making it a crucial element and part of a value chain for present day businesses. These IT enabled services and business processes are generally sourcedfrom a location where the end-user are not located, hence the remoteprovision of such set of services.

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The concept behind this phenomenonis to deliver services from off-shore locations using the state of theart technologies in communication, also called data networks which mayinclude wireline or wireless. Thus, clients or customers are providedthe same set of services or business processes from workers orsubsidiaries based in offshore locations. An example to this respect isthat of serving the clients of a multinational in the United Kingdom,where as the individuals involved in serving these clients are locatedin far off region such as India. In such an environment, there is noneed for the British clients to know about the whereabouts of theindividuals serving their particular needs, nor is it necessary for theworkers to divulge such information to the British clients. The gapbetween the clients and the workers in such a situation is fulfilledthrough the modern forms of communication software. These softwareenable a British caller for example to place a call to India, withoutrealizing that the call has actually been made to India and in responsean Indian worker will respond to the said query of the British callerrespectively. The objective behind the entire exercise of outsourcingand running an offshore facility by a business operating in the UnitedKingdom or the United States of America is truly economical. As theparent company has to spend only a fraction of the amount otherwiseneeded to run and operate the same set of services in their homecountry (UK or the United States of America).

As the global businesses move ever closer to globalization andspreading their business wings in practically every corner of theglobe, outsourcing or setting up off-shore facilities has indeedemerged as one of the fastest and perhaps most successful modes ofaspects of a business value chain. Some of the primary reasons for theimmense popularity of the outsourcing include increasing levels ofproductive through measures that are both cheap as well as efficient.Above, all where companies maintain their level of excellence in theservices and businesses processes offered to their clients, thephenomenon of outsourcing has added tremendously to their pool ofrevenues.

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